To get your driver’s license in the Solomon Islands, it will take several uncomplicated steps. The first condition is to complete an application form (TR07) for the category concerned. Then forward the form to the appropriate organization (IRD) with a copy of birth certificate and photo. You may have a temporary driver’s license valid for three months.

Characteristics of a temporary license

If you received a temporary driver’s license, then it is important to meet certain conditions if you want to receive your final license. This period of three months is ideal to discover the roads and know how to drive. In addition, you will receive an “L” license plate that will distinguish you from other road users.

Among other things, you will have to learn the code of the road and be accompanied by a driver. Once you feel fit and accustomed to Solomon Islands roads, make an appointment at MID to book a test drive. This must be done before the expiry of the temporary license. Once you have passed the test, you will be able to receive your final driver’s license issued by the IRD.

In the case of an international driving license

People who already have an international driver’s license issued in another country can use it in the Solomon Islands for a period of 4 months. In case of extension of stay, they can follow the same procedure for issuing national license by requesting the form (TR07).

For those who want to renew, they will have to pay the same price.

To add a category to your license

For those who already have a definite driver’s license and want to add one or more categories, you simply have to apply and pass the test that applies to the selected category. Once you have passed the test, you will be able to get your precious sesame and ride freely on the roads of the Solomon Islands.