Caring for your vehicle is part of your obligations before selling your car in the Solomon Islands. However, how do you control your car yourself? Repairs at a lower cost are possible even when you are not a professional.

How to control your car yourself?

WARNING: in the event of a breakdown, it is clear that the manufacturer’s warranty will no longer be valid. We prefer to warn you. It is important to control your car regularly, be careful to avoid a worry that could be expensive. Think of checking the basics punctually before selling your car in the Solomon Islands. Things like:

A much more technical maintenance

The oil drain is easy but be careful not to put too much oil, respect the level. (Do not throw the oil anywhere.) Check the battery by just paying attention to the negative and positive. The candles are also simple enough to change. Use a candle key, taking care not to exchange the ignition cables.

Talking about your safety

Shock absorbers: accessory a little more technical, one must have the appropriate tools (hexagon wrench, screw compressor and possibly a car jack)

Clutch: It’s long and very complicated to change. Many tools are required as a centralizer, complete toolbox.

Brakes : they are also complicated to install and improper assembly can be dangerous for your safety.

The distribution belt: Technical operation and very complicated. If you do not know, ask for help at risk of breaking the engine…

Other changes, such as air conditioning, are too dangerous to do yourself. Ask to a professional and visit to sell or buy your car in the Solomon Islands.