Before selling your car in the Solomon Islands, be aware that the coolant maintains the engine at good temperature, avoiding overheating. The fluid only boils at 100 ° C and does not freeze at – 30 ° C. It carries excess heat from the engine to the radiator and limits the risk of oxidation and corrosion in the cooling circuit.

Replace your coolant before selling your car in the Solomon Islands

It is imperative to check the coolant at least twice a year. Depending on the manufacturer, replacement takes place on average every 2 to 4 years. Schedule an additional check before each major trip.

Why do I need to change the coolant?

It is important to change the coolant for the health of your vehicle and engine. This fluid degrades over time and negatively changes the product. If it is no longer effective, it will have difficulty to play its role, i.e. to cool the engine. We can cite as consequences:

The components that make up the coolant

The coolant consists of several elements such as demineralized water that prevents the engine from overheating. The antifreeze that prevents the water from freezing, allows the engine to cool properly, even by negative temperature. The anti-corrosive that protects the metal parts of the circuit against rust.

Recycling before selling your car in the Solomon Islands

Before selling your car in the Solomon Islands, Empty and recycle the used liquid. It contains highly polluting chemicals such as ethylene glycol or propylene glycol. Bring the fluid directly to a professional of the automobile (garage, car center, breakage …). Visit to sell or buy your car in the Solomon Islands.